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Janet & Rowan | Twixmixy Pic Of The Day Blog | Janet R Chamberlain in Charlotte, NC.I’m Janet.
I originated in Ohio, went to college in Pennsylvania, studied abroad in Costa Rica, lived in Arizona, and lived in Fort Myers, FL while working at a roller skating rink. I now am a Marketing/Web Design Consultant at Venture Consulting Group in Charlotte, NC where I specialize in design, social media, and photography. I travel on a motorcycle to save gas, obsess over all things food, dance with my loving boyfriend and am active in a group called Let Me Decide. I’m just loving life, living one day at a time and doing my best in everything that comes my way.

I grew up in the technology world. My dad owned a computer/technology company, so I was entrenched in it. As an adult I grew up, studied at a liberal arts school and had several study aboard experiences. I think that they were essential in opening my world view. In my time after college I had several great experiences working for various companies that allowed me to really delve into my technology and artistic sides.

Now here in Charlotte I am happy to bring my skills and desires to fruition in many ways. For my first year here in CLT I ran my own company called Twixmixy Design where I learned a lot about being a full time entrepreneur and thoroughly enjoyed connecting with people all over the city. In 2012 I joined together with my dad, my brother and a few others to develop a consulting firm.

On a more personal note I spend my days enjoying life with my loving boyfriend Rowan. I am so grateful to have a “partner in crime”, someone who I can count on to spend my days with and do all these weird and crazy activities that come to my mind. Our love for food and passion for cooking had been a mainstay bond between us, which has also propelled me to learn all that I can about food, health and wellness.

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