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I started Twixmixy’s Pic Of The Day on June 1, 2012. It began through a website called Shuttercal. I did the project a few years ago when I lived in Florida.

Taking a picture every day was my initiative to share my world, improve my photography (and blogging) skills, and to challenge myself in personal growth. I believe that we cannot improve ourselves (or will have a really hard time) if we are not intentional with our daily lives. This project was kind of like a journal, but it was fun because I showed it through pictures. This was my platform to connect with the community surrounding me and to make a difference in those lives.

Now, the every day thing is a little much, yes. Sometimes it felt boring or repetitive to me. I am a person of habit, so it does force me to continually spice up my life. You may ask… why every day? Repetition is also KEY to improving a skill. By setting the goal of taking a picture every day I was guaranteeing that I would continue to practice the skills that are needed to take better pictures. Sometimes it had been obvious to me that a picture isn’t coming out well and I need to change something in my settings, but it is also that I was working my camera settings every day that made me improve the outcome. In that year I saw great improvement in my natural ability to capture a moment. If you want to be better at something you have to put it into practice. You happen to be viewing my play ground for practicing.

For those of you who know me personally (or those of you who are gutsy enough to contact me without knowing me), I love shooting pictures. I want to shoot your picture. I want to capture life. My life and yours. I am always willing to photograph portraits, lives, events, etc. So go ahead, I dare you to just give me a call and ask me to take a few pictures. You may luck out and get a free photoshoot.

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