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Pic Of The Day – March 29, 2013

| Eggs, Bacon & A Health Update |

I decided to take a break from the photo-study of my Grandpa’s Cameras to update you all on my current health and prescribed diet. I have had a few people ask me how it’s going and it’s hard to break it all down in just a few minutes or via text.

I’ll start from the beginning, but for those who have been following my health journey just skip down a few paragraphs. I am an active person and generally have always been on the go. I have frequently used aids such as: tea, coffee, red bull, migraine pills (which also had caffeine in them) to help me maintain my busy lifestyle. I also haven’t always been as health conscious as I currently am. I could easily get away with excess amounts of almost anything. Since my body did not react by gaining body weight, I did not realize what I was doing to my body. This past summer in 2012 I was on a road trip with my boyfriend. We went to a music festival and then spent around a week at his parent’s farm in New Hampshire.

On the way home I became sick. Really sick. I was having horrible headaches, nausea, and waves of pain in my stomach and throughout my abdomen. It hurt to swallow and I couldn’t tell when I was hungry. I just wanted to go into a comatose state until it ended. This went on for a few days and only continued to escalate. One night, as we were passing through New Jersey visiting Rowan’s grandparents, I couldn’t handle it anymore. The pain was full throttle, my temperature spiked and I wasn’t coherent. Rowan fed me water and ginger until I fell asleep. That was the worst night. The next day I didn’t feel as bad, but I wasn’t better. This continued for the next few days, weeks even. I adjusted. My adjusttment allowed it to subside some. Most days I was generally nauseous, still never knowing when I was hungry, and felt pain throughout my abdomen. A couple months passed by and I thought the symptoms were dying down. That is until one night when we were camping outside of Asheville.

It was bad again.

That’s when Rowan and I had a hard talk. I needed to go to a doctor. I was in denial and he was insistent. Here I was, a freelance entrepreneur, with no health insurance, feeling horrible every day. I was also petrified by fear. Fear of the cost, not only financially, but to my health. What if it turned out to be horrible? Seriously horrible. Rowan made a deal with me that night. We would work for a month to change my diet (remove all things hard to digest: meats, gluten, alcohol) and if I didn’t feel better, then I would go see a doctor.

One month passed, then another, and on November 9th I found myself in one of those unflattering shower curtains waiting for some doctor to probe at me. There were lots of questions on both ends, but no answers. I went through several screenings and drew lots of blood. After another month I was being wheeled back on a table to have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. The next day I had an appointment with my doctor. They couldn’t find anything. They still didn’t know what was wrong with me. They had no clue where to go from there. They suggested (because I mentioned) that it could be my gallbladder. They said they would contact me to set up a screening for that (which included injecting radiation into my blood, and I was not a fan of that). I didn’t want it to happen and they never called.

A sign from God? I think so.

I gave up through the holidays. I allowed myself to partake in meats, gluten and alcohol again. I didn’t feel well, but I had no idea what else to do. Then Rowan obtained the contact of a naturopathic doctor. I set up the appointment for the very next day, after the New Year. I was ready to look for answers again. I wish I could tell you that answers were found right away, but they weren’t. It was a mystery that needed solving! However… I believe that now it is solved after almost 3 months. 3 weeks ago I had an appointment and my doctor told me he found out what was wrong and had a plan to get me back on track, but it would be hard.

Eggs, Bacon & A Health Update | Twixmixy's Pic Of The Day | Janet R Chamberlain in Charlotte NC

Two free-range eggs seasoned with paprika and cayenne, mixed with goat cheese, topped with sauté’d peppers, and accompanied by bacon! I have to make my strict diet interesting and flavorful!

So Why Eggs & Bacon?

Because that is the staple of what I am eating every day. I am on a Yeast Elimination Diet (sometimes known as the candida diet) and I’m in the rigid detox phase. This means no: wheat, gluten, grains, fruits and most vegetables. I am allowed meat and lots of it! The reason I’m on this diet is because I have an overgrowth of systemic yeast in my body.

What is Yeast Overgrowth?

Who better to explain it than… someone else! From

“Yeast organisms liked candida can cause a range of troublesome symptoms when they become overgrown. Although they exist peacefully in most individuals, high-sugar diets and use of antibiotics can result in these pathogenic yeast, colonizing the intestinal wall, resulting in a systemic infection. Dietary changes can help eliminate the problem.
Systemic yeast infections can result in a wide variety of problems through the inflammation and irritation that they cause all across the body. Yeast infections can bring on all sorts of symptoms. The common ones include brain fog, fatigue, itching and fatigue.” Learn more…

To put it simply… NO MORE SUGAR! I have had to cut out any and all types and aspects of possible sugar. I have been on this diet for 3 weeks and I have learned a lot. Like… that I have to check ALL packaged meat products because they can have sugar on them (this is more likely with prepackaged bacon than in your fresh meat counter). I found ONE type of bacon that does not have sugar on it. Sugar is in ALL snacks as far as I’m concerned. You think you’re eating a salty, delicious snack, but most likely there is sugar in it. The sugar causes you to be addicted and want more!

I was a pretty miserable patient for the past 3 weeks. Then I talked to my doctor and he said… 3 more weeks (and that’s at the least!). Since going on this diet I have been suffering from headaches and mood swings. However, I decided that instead of feeling sad and sorry that I’m going to turn these next 3 weeks into a challenge. Even if it means I’m eating eggs & bacon 3x a day.


I am allowed everything that is in “Phase 1″, but I am only allowed 20% of “Phase 2″. However, I have to save that 20% for rice or else I would become underweight easily. I am not allowed ANYTHING from the other phases. At first this list looks real feasible, but you can find yourself eating almost the same thing every day. I used to eat chia pudding every morning for breakfast, but now I’ve switch to eggs & bacon. Which is hard because I LOVE that recipe. And for dinner I’m eating a lot of various soups and meat like it’s going out of style. I also get to take a plethora (9) of pills every morning.

Oh… and I also have Candida Die-Off (withdrawals) to look forward to. Which means that this is going to get a lot worse before it begins to get better. I’m just hoping that my self-induced diet restrictions have helped prime me for what is to come so it won’t be severe.

Okay friends and family… do you have questions? Opinions? Objections? Interjections?

Tell me your thoughts!