Photo of The Day – December 11, 2012

My Health Journey Continues - My-Oscopies

My Health Journey Continues – My-Oscopies

Not really much of an update. I spent the day sedated and then sleeping a lot.

My Health Journey Continues - My-Oscopies | Photography by Twixmixy Design | Janet R. Chamberlain in Charlotte, NC.

I woke pretty abruptly when I came out of sedation. I was able to hear, but not ready to completely digest the results. Thankfully, nothing was seen or found. I’m really glad to know that. I choked down the thought in the back of my mind; What IS wrong with me?

I knew I had another doctors appointment the next day, so I would save all of my questions and concerns for then. I allowed myself to relax, watch movies and sleep. Rowan made me tapioca pudding and a really easy to digest dinner. We did everything that we could think to make the process of eating food again easy, but I still didn’t feel well when digesting.

Thanks for reading my updates – more to come!